North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Balance of State Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Presentations, and Related Documents
 Date  Documents Topics  
7.7.15 Point-in-Time Count data, coordinated assessment, CoC application scorecards and next steps, NCCEH Data Center and HMIS update, upcoming meetings and trainings
6.16.15 Scorecards for renewal and new projects for FY2015 CoC competition, Project Review Committee, upcoming meetings
6.2.15 Point-in-Time Count update, coordinated assessment, CoC grant competition update, 2015 Regional Committees, NCCEH Data Center and HMIS update
5.5.15 Point-in-Time Count update, coordinated assessment, CoC grant competition update, Regional Committee web master training, NCCEH Data Center and HMIS update
4.7.15 Point-in-Time Count update, coordinated assessment, CoC grant competition update, Regional Lead in-person meeting, HMIS update
3.3.15 Point-in-Time Count, coordinated assessment plan review and update, CoC grant competition update, 2015 BoS Regional Committees, HMIS update, upcoming meetings
2.3.15 Point-in-Time Count, coordinated assessment plan review, HUD update, Regional Lead elections, HMIS FAQ, upcoming meetings
1.6.15 Point-in-Time Count, coordinated assessment update, AHAR update, Regional Lead elections, HMIS update, upcoming meetings
12.2.14 Human Trafficking, Point-in-Time Count, AHAR Update, Regional Lead Elections, Coordinated Assessment Update, 2015 BoS Subcommittee Schedule, Upcoming Meetings, Regional Committee Updates
11.4.14 CoC application, ESG awareds, HMIS/MCAH meetings, veteran and chronically homeless data, AHAR, Regional Committee goals, coordinated assessment update, 2015 Point-in-Time Count, upcoming meetings
10.20.14 Project application ranking for CoC application
10.7.14 ESG update, CoC application, HMIS lead administrator ratification, CHIN Governance Committee members, Zero:2016 update, Governance Charter revisions, coordinated assessment update
9.2.14 ESG application, CoC application, HMIS lead administrator ratification, chronically homeless prioritization policy, Zero:2016 application, BoS governance charter update, coordinated assessment workshops, subcommittee meetings, AHAR preparation
8.5.14 ESG application, CoC application, coordinated assessment toolkit, HMIS RFP update, subcommittee meetings
7.1.14 ESG application, coordinated assessment toolkit, performance improvement process (PIP), HMIS RFP, Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness
6.3.14 ESG shelter funds, ESG funding principles and intent to apply, coordinated assessment toolkit, HMIS RFP update, subcommittee meetings
5.6.14 PIT & HIC Data, Coordinated Assessment training materials, CHIN license allocation, CHIN Governance Committee members, emergency text contact list, subcommittee meeting schedule
4.1.14 More in My Basket presentation, ESG update, HMIS RFP, Point-in-Time Count update
3.4.14 PIT Count/HIC update, new Regional Committees, letters of consistency & support, upcoming subcommittee meetings
2.4.14 CoC application wrap-up, Data Usage Workgroup report, AHAR, PIT Count, SSVF NOFA, Regional Lead elections
1.16.14 CHIN MOU, CoC Collaborative Application input, CoC project application approval and ranking
1.7.14 CoC application scoring, Collaborative Application input, Point-in-Time Count update, AHAR wrap-up, Regional Leads and Alternates, subcommittees
12.3.13 CoC application and scorecard, 2014 Point-in-Time Count, CHIN MOU and Advisory Committee, AHAR, Regional Leads and Alternates, subcommittees
11.5.13 CHIN MOU, Coordinated Assessment Workgroup update, CoC application update, AHAR, PHAs, Regional Committee alternates, subcommittee meetings
10.1.13 Homeless Education Liaisons, ESG funding update, CoC application update, workgroup updates, Regional Committee alternates, upcoming meetings and trainings
9.3.13  ESG Funding Update, CoC Funding Application Update, Data Usage Workgroup Update, Coordinated Assessment Workgroup Update, Regional Committee Alternates, CHIN Advisory Committee Rep, Upcoming Meetings and Trainings, Regional Committee Updates and Reminders
8.6.13 NC BoS Governance, ESG Funding Application Update, CoC Funding Application Update, NC BoS Funding Update, NAEH Conference, Subcommittee and Workgroup Update, Regional Committee Updates
7.2.13 Revised NC BoS Governance, Data Usage Workgroup, Coordinated Assessment Workgroup, CoC & ESG Intent to Apply Forms
 6.25.13 BoS Governance, CHIN fees for BoS users, Steering Committee highlights

Tier 2 renewals, Regional Lead meeting, CHIN Advisory Committee Representatives, letter of consistency request, subcommittee meetings, ICCHP advocacy

4.2.13 CoC renewal awards, Regional Lead elections, PIT Count and CoC outcomes, letter of consistency request, ICCHP/BoS advocacy
3.5.13 Regional Lead elections, CoC application scorecards, new HEARTH regulations, AHAR, PIT Count
2.5.13 CoC application overview, performance goals, subcommittees, Regional Committee Lead elections, Regional Committee updates
1.3.13 CoC application questions, project application scores and ranking, CHIN renewal grant and subsidy, APR goals, Point-in-Time Count
12.4.12 CoC NOFA, scorecard, Regional Committee approval of applications, Regional Committee updates
11.6.12 BoS pre-application, application subcommittees, Point-in-Time Count, Regional Committee updates
10.2.12 CoC application update, CoC board requirements, CHIN data quality project, QPRs
9.4.12 ESG conditional awards, HMIS data quality, QPRs, CoC Action Plan, Intent to Apply Form
8.7.12 BoS Goals, CHIN cost structure update, ESG updates, HEARTH Regulations, NAEH Conference update, CoC Intent to Apply Forms, QPRs
7.3.12 ICCHP funding update, proposed CHIN cost structure, VA partnership, conference call on adult care home discharge tracking, ESG updates from Regional Leads, CoC and ESG Intent to Apply Forms, QPRs
6.5.12 ICCHP funding, new BoS CoC subcommittee structure, ESG and CoC Intent to Apply Forms, QPRs
5.1.12 Regional BoS and ESG meetings recap, ESG Planning Committee report, Intent to Apply Forms, CoC Action Plan, Regional Lead approval, subcommittee meetings, QPRs
4.3.12 Intent to Apply form, Point-in-Time Count report, ESG update, Eastpointe S+C merger and expansion, Regional Lead approval, subcommittee meetings, QPRs
3.6.12 CoC Check-up and Action Plan, ESG update, Regional Committee elections, grantee webpages, QPRs, data quality checks
2.7.12 CoC Check-up, grantee webpages, new QPR form, BoS subcommittees
1.10.12 CoC Check-up, 2012 Point-in-Time Count, grantee training, BoS subcommittees
12.6.11 CoC Check-up, 2012 Point-in-Time Count
11.01.11 Review of FY11 Exhibit 1 and project listing, Point-in-Time Count, BoS subcommittees, QPRs/APRs
10.18.11 Vote on projects for FY11 CoC application, discussion of strategic performance goals 
10.04.11 Update on FY11 CoC application, QPRs/APRs
09.06.11 Update on FY11 CoC application, BoS subcommittees, QPRs/APRs
08.02.11 FY11 pre-application, FY11 scorecard, QPRs/APRs
07.05.11 FY11 pre-application, grantee presentations, Scorecard Committee, QPRs/APRs
06.07.11 FY10 CoC scores, FY11 application update, grantee presentations, QPRs
05.03.11 FY10 new project awards, FY11 application, FY12 advocacy, help from NCCEH, QPRs
04.05.11 FY11 update, planning for HEARTH, structure, help from NCCEH, QPRs
03.01.11 Application Intent Form, Regional Committee Leads, HEARTH Overview, PIT Update, QPRs
02.01.11 Regional Committee Leads, Application Intent Form, AHAR Update, PIT Update, QPRs & APRs
01.11.11 Regional Committee Leads, 2011 forms, Point-in-Time Count, subcommittee meeting dates, QPRs & APRs
12.07.10 2010 CoC application recap, AHAR, Point-in-Time Count, QPRs & APRs
11.02.10 Project ranking, CoC performance goals, educational needs policy, CoC application deadlines
10.05.10 CoC application timeline, Exhibit 1, committee meetings, HEARTH/HMIS conference update
09.07.10 CoC application, HMIS data quality, HMIS and Project Review Committees, Regional Committee Approval Form
08.03.10 2009 New Projects, 2010 scorecard, CoC application update, Regional Committee project approval
07.06.10 Pre-application feedback, 2010 CoC Application requirements, Regional approval of applications, Regional Committee updates
06.01.10 2010 CoC Application deadlines and requirements, Regional Committee Updates
05.04.10  2010 CoC Application, Pre-Applications, Eligible Renewals, Structure Review Committee Report
04.06.10 CoC application dates, Pre-Applications, Regional Committee Updates
03.02.10 BoS Structure, Federal Updates, Upcoming Activities
02.09.10 Point-in-Time Count, BoS Structure, Regional Committee Updates
01.05.10 Renewals, Regional Committee Leadership, Point-in-Time Count
12.1.09 CoC application summary, Planning for 2010, Point-in-Time  Count
11.13.09  CoC application
10.06.09  NOFA, CoC application requirements
Upcoming NOFA, committee meetings, HPRP applications
07.21.09 Upcoming NOFA, HUD application requirements, HPRP
06.07.09 CoC Structure Overview
06.02.09 New description of Roles and Responsbilities
 05.05.09 BoS materials on web, Point-in-Time, scorecard confirmation, participation checklist, quarterly reports, HPRP
04.07.09 HPRP Update, pre-application expectations, goals & outcomes, Point-in-Time, HMIS &eHIC update, committee meetings  
 09.19.08 Ranking Committee recommendations, APRs received, Point-in-Time Count information, access to mainstream services Information, Agency Participation Chart
 09.03.08 Goals for 2008 Application, info needed: APRs, Housing Inventory, and Member Organization information
HUD CoC NOFA instructions,
new HMIS reporting, accessing Exhibit 2,
information needed from communities
 05.06.08  HUD registration,
  projects submitted
 04.23.08  2008 pro rata, 2008 project requests,
  quarterly reporting for grantees,
 02.26.08  2007 award feedback,
 Point-in-Time Count update,
committee membership
 11.13.07  Point-in-Time Count How-To
 10.23.07  HUD CoC structure,
 BoS structure, new initiatives,
 calendar for 2008 competitive process
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