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Balance of State ESG Information

The ESG application cycle occurs on an annual basis. The application is administered by the State and is overseen by Kim Crawford in the DHHS Division of Aging and Adult Services.
The ESG application includes two parts: a community application completed by the Regional Committee and a project application completed by each agency that is seeking funding.
This page is for Balance of State-specific information. General information about the ESG application can be found here.

Current ESG Application

The 2017 ESG application is expected to be released by the State ESG Office in August.

NCCEH staff will post resources for BoS applications as they become available. The application forms and instructions will be posted on our main ESG webpage.

Resources for Completing the 2017 Regional Application

Description Related Questions in ESG Regional Application Document
FY17 ESG Funds per Regional Committee Lists the available ESG funding for each Regional Committee view pdf


Designing a Local Funding Process

In order to assist Regional Committees as they design and implement a local funding process, BoS staff have assembled some general resources about designing effective competitions. While these resources are written for foundations to use, many of the same strategies may be employed by communities to help create a local ESG funding competition. 
Topic Covered Resource
How to design and implement grant competitions to further program goals Link to Online Resource
Questons to ask when researching a nonprofit's organization and operations Link to Online Resource
Sample tool to use to assist in researching nonprofit capacity Link to Online Resource
How to create and communicate grant guidelines for funding competitions PDF
Explanation of why grant guidelines are helpful in a funding competition PDF
Overview of grant making basics PDF

Previous ESG Applications

Balance of State materials from previous ESG applications have been archived for reference.
Previous ESG Applications
2012 ESG Application Materials view page
2013 ESG Application Materials view page
2015 ESG Application Materials view page
2016 ESG Application Materials view page
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