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What is HMIS?
Who is the Data Center?

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What is HMIS?

HMIS is the Homeless Management Information System Each Continuum of Care (CoC) is required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to collect and report out on defined data elements regarding persons served through local homeless service systems and programs. This data is entered into a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). In North Carolina, all twelve CoCs use the same system called NC HMIS that pulls anonymous, de-duplicated reports for insights into homelessness in our community.

NC 2017 Point in Time Count

NC 2017 PIT Sheltered vs Unsheltered


Who is the Data Center?

We love solving problems. And we understand the power of data driven policies for permanently housing clients and ending homelessness. We support the work of homeless services systems on the ground.

The NCCEH Data Center supports Continuums of Care (Balance of StateDurhamOrange, and Wake) in efforts to collect, manage, and use critical population and service information about homelessness in these communities. In North Carolina, our HMIS is called ServicePoint, created by Bowman Systems, Inc. and administered by our HMIS Lead the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH). The NCCEH Data Center provides the Local System Administrator support for HMIS along with other data-related services for 82 counties across the state.

NCCEH Data Center Values

Outcomes Focused
We never take our eye off the ultimate goal to end homelessness and drive towards the 30-day HEARTH goal

Client centered
We honor our common humanity and remember that every number has a face and every face has a name

We understand that data is only as strong as our confidence in it. That's why we strive for high data quality by analyzing data for accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity and integrity

Data Integration
We believe that data should play a significant role for change at every level: the CoC, the agency, and the program

As part of a coalition, we believe the best problem solving occurs together, with honesty and commitment to find the right solution

We understand that is the key to our relationship. Our commitment is to deliver clear, accurate and timely information, including ongoing opportunities for feedback

Data Center Services

System Administrator Support
Team of System Administrators acting as your Local System Administrator (LSA)
Trained and supported by MCAH
Provide all LSA functions & liaison with MCAH
Engaged and knowledgeable about your community
Data Utilization & Reporting
Data Analyst working with System Administrators Support federal reports (APRs, AHAR, PIT/HIC, etc.)
Meet deadlines Measure performance Ensure that agencies and CoC staff understand the numbers for your community
Community Empowerment
Support community-wide processes such as coordinated assessment/intake
Tailored training to meet your local needs
Strengthen data quality
Support development of CoC policies
Use of data for system design

Data Center Forms

Data Center Balance of State CoC HMIS License Request Form
If your agency has someone new to HMIS who needs training and onboarding for one of BoS' 79 counties, please use this form to specify the type of license and view the BoS HMIS License policy.

Data Center Triangle CoCs HMIS License Request Form
If your agency has someone new to HMIS who needs training and onboarding for the Durham, Orange, or Wake CoCs, please use this form to specify the license details.

Data Center All CoCs HMIS License Inactivation Request Form
If your agency knows that one (or more) of your users will no longer need HMIS access, please use this form to let the Data Center know and we'll cut access to the license. Don't wait until you have another staff member trained - tell us as soon as possible to protect client privacy.

Data Center Report Request Form
If you can't find a report in HMIS or you know you need a custom report, give us the basic details by submitting this form. Then we can evaluate if it's possible, and how long it will take us to complete your request.

Data Center Training Request Form
Our staff are ready and eager to support you with additional training after your initial process to access HMIS to refresh your knowledge or learn something new! Please submit this form to request training for you or your colleagues on HMIS. *Note - Data Center staff need at least five of your staff to RSVP in order to visit your agency in-person.

Data Center Bed & Unit Inventory Update Form
If your project's capacity to serve clients overnight changes at any point throughout the year, use this form to make sure the change is reflected in HMIS. This helps us keep your inventory and utilization accurate all year round!
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