North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

SSO Coordinated Entry Grantees

This page contatins resources for grantees that receive Supportive Services Only-Coordinated Entry (SSO-CE) funding from NCCEH's HUD grant to support the Coordinated Assessment Lead in their regions. 



Regional Resources
Region 12 ROI


HMIS Forms 

Form Use
CA Outreach Form For agencies not fully tracking all HMIS data to refer a person to be assessed/engaged by SSO-CE grantee
HMIS Prevention/Diversion Screen P&D Screen reformatted to reflect P&D Screen in HMIS
HMIS Entry Form Track, by hand, people directly engaged by SSO-CE grantee to be entered into HMIS
HMIS Interim Form  Track, by hand, interim updates to people in HMIS
HMIS Exit Form Track, by hand, exits from SSO projects in HMIS.

Service Transactions Form

Track, by hand, service transactions provided to SSO clients

Paper By-Name List Report

Track by-name list and recieve referrals from DV agencies


 2018-2019 SSO-CE Awards
  • Region 2: Thrive 
  • Region 5: Community Link
  • Region 10: Hope Station
  • Region 11: Trillium
  • Region 12: Pitt County Planning