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2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR)

The 2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR): Volume 1 outlines the key findings of the 2012 Point-in-Time Counts conducted in January 2012. The report shows a 7.2 percent decline in the number of veterans experiencing homelessness between 2011 and 2012 ...
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NAEH 2011 Counts Media Map

The National Alliance to End Homelessness has created an interactive map to track 2011 Point-in-Time Counts from across the United States.   This map serves as a database of January 2011 Point-in-Time Counts that have been reported in media reports ...
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DHHS to move most operations from Dix Hospital

by Bruce Mildwurf and Gerald Owens   August 24, 2010   Raleigh, N.C. — The state Department of Health and Human Services said Tuesday that it would move most operations from Dorothea Dix Hospital to other facilities by the ...
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July 2010 Capital Hill Advocacy Afternoon Materials

On July 14, 2010, NCCEH staff and North Carolina conference attendants met with Congressional representatives in Washington, D.C., during the National Alliance to End Homelessness conference.  Please click the links below to download the materials that were shared with our ...
Author: Denise Neunaber
Phone: (919) 755-4393
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Respite Care of Homeless Individuals: Establishing a Medical Respite Program in Durham, NC

This paper, written by students at the UNC School of Public Health, addresses the perceived need for respite care in Durham and reviews respite programs in other communities that could serve as models. Click here to download the report. 
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Medical Respite Services for Homeless People: Practical Models

This resource manual is designed for organizations and communities interested in developing medical respite services for sick or injured homeless people.   Read the full manual here.
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Effect of a Housing and Case Management Program on Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations Among Chronically Ill Homeless Adults

This report presents the findings of a randomized trial that assessed the effectiveness of a case management and housing program in reducing the use of urgent medical services among homeless adults with chronic medical illnesses.   Read the full article ...
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A Chicago project for homeless people shows strong results

The Chicago Tribune published an article about the Chicago Housing for Health Partnership, the first program in the country to link hospitals serving homeless, chronically ill patients with groups that help people find federally subsidized housing.   Read the full article here.
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Hospital Partnerships: A Win-Win Under SOAR

The SOAR initiative is a federally funded partnership (HHS, HUD) that seeks to assist adults who are homeless to apply for SSI/SSDI, which generally provides health insurance as well. SOAR involves a comprehensive approach that includes training for community and ...
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Recuperation Care Program

The Recuperation Care Program (RCP) provides post-hospitalization care for low-income homeless patients who have received medical services but need continuing care in order to fully recuperate.  It was started as a pilot project in July, 2005, in a partnership between ...
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