North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Hospital Summit Materials

On June 29, 2009, NCCEH hosted a summit for hospital leadership on "Increasing Successful Outcomes While Decreasing Costs: Hospital Partnerships to End Homelessness."
Agenda and Presentations:
  • Richard Cho, Corporation for Supportive Housing - "Current Research: Costs and potential cost savings associated with healthcare for frequent users who are homeless": view ppt
  • Lori Pacura, Mount Sinai Medical Center - "Model of Success: Chicago Housing for Health Partnership": view ppt
  • Brooks Ann McKinney, Raleigh Rescue Mission - "Homeless Mental Health Respite": view ppt
  • Denise Neunaber, NC Coalition to End Homelessness - "NC SOAR: Success Through Outreach, Access and Recovery": view ppt
Additional Resources:
From the Corporation for Supportive Housing:
  • Frequent Users of Health Services Initiative fact sheet: view pdf
  • "A Dollars and Cents Strategy to Reducing Frequent Use of Hospital Services": view pdf
  • Press release on the "Dollars and Cents Strategy" report: view pdf
  • "Meeting the Needs of Frequent Users: Building Blocks for Success" toolkit: view pdf
  • "Improving Health and Health System Outcomes by Redirecting Medi-Cal Resources": view pdf
  • "The Future of Supportive Housing": view pdf
  • Plymouth Housing Group overview: view pdf
  • Downtown Emergency Service Center supportive housing overview: view pdf
  • Recuperation Care Program overview: view pdf
From the Housing for Health Partnership:
  • "Effect of a Housing and Case Management Program on Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations Among Chronically Ill Homeless Adults": view pdf
  • Chicago Tribune article on Housing for Health Partnership: view pdf
From the Raleigh Rescue Mission:
  • Respite Program Referral Form: view pdf
From the NC Coalition to End Homelessness:
  • "Hospital Partnerships: A Win-Win Under SOAR": view pdf 
  • NC SOAR Initiative overview: view pdf
 Additional Resources:
  • "Medical Respite Services for Homeless People: Practical Models": view pdf
  • "The Cost Effectiveness of Supportive Housing: A Service Cost Analysis of Lennox Chase Residents": view pdf
  • "The Cost Effectiveness of Housing Support Teams: The Experiences of Persons Enrolled in the First Three Months": view pdf
  • AMA Virtual Mentor, Volume 11, Number 1: view pdf 
  • "Case Finding for Patients at Risk of Readmission to Hospital: Development of Algorithm to Identify High Risk Patients": view pdf
  • "Million Dollar Murray": view pdf
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