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HMIS Data Subcommittee

 Data Subcommittee Agendas and Related Documents

This is not an active subcommittee. However, documents are kept here are record. 

Date Documents Topics

Meeting Agenda, 2.4.15 Meeting Minutes, HIC/PIT Communication, Program Descriptor Data Elements, APR for Data Checks2.25.15 Meeting Minutes

Update on reports, update on Char-Meck report modification, PIT/HIC communication to CoCs
2.4.15 Meeting Agenda, 1.7.15 Meeting Minutes, General HMIS vs. RHYMIS, RHYMIS Entry Screen
Update on reports, request for report modification, changes to RHYMIS screens  
1.7.15 Meeting Agenda, 12.3.14 Meeting Minutes, Reports Update List, NC PIT and HIC Process, PIT Fields Comparison, HUD HIC and PIT Data Collection Notice Changes to meeting logistics, update on reports, HIC and PIT discussion
12.3.14 Meeting Agenda, 11.5.14 Meeting Minutes, Reports Update List, Outdated Questions on Project Entry Screen, HUD Help Desk Response, HUD HIC and PIT Data Collection Notice, HARA ESG Basic Workflow Update on reports, report writer, changes to project entry screen & client location menu, rapid re-housing PIT data, HUD update
11.5.14 Meeting Agenda, 10.1.14 Meeting Minutes, Report Update List, Project Entry Screen, Draft Consent Form, HUD Help Desk Response for Client Location, 11.5.14 Meeting Minutes Update on reports, ServicePoint upgrade, changes to project entry screen, consent form, "client location" change, HUD update
10.1.14 Meeting Agenda, 9.3.14 Meeting Minutes, Reports Update ListMecklenburg Report Request, Draft DQ Plan, 10.1.14 Meeting Minutes ServicePoint Upgrade, NOFA, AHAR, Data Quality Plan, Custom Reports, Report Updates