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Balance of State Regional Committees

Regional Committee Overview and Resources

The Balance of State CoC is organized into Regional Committees that coordinate local work and planning. Each Regional Committee is represented on the BoS CoC Steering Committee by a Regional Lead who is elected annually (in January or February). The Regional Lead is responsible for carrying out the tasks on the Regional Lead Job Description and working to achieve the goals listed the BoS CoC Action Plan.
Regional Committee Resources
List of Regional Committees and Regional Lead Contact Information
(updated 05.09.18)
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Map of Active Regional Committees (updated 6.1.17) view pdf
Regional Leads and Regional Committees Roles & Responsibilities 
(updated 1.8.16)
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Resources for Regional Committee Web Masters
(updated 8.15.17)

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Regional Committee Restructuring Webpage

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Regional Committee Webpages

Take a look at the Regional Committee webpages below to find contact information, local meeting times, meeting minutes & agendas, and other information.
Regional Committee Webpage 
Region 1: Southwest view page
Region 2: Southern Mountains view page
Region 3: Uni5 view page
Region 4: DISSY view page
Region 5: Piedmont view page
Region 6: PRACC view page
Region 7 view page
Region 8: Southeast view page
Region 9: Tar Heel view page
Region 10: Neuse view page
Region 11: Northeastern Homeless Coalition view page
Region 12 view page
Region 13: HACC view page