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NCCEH Data Center Trainings

NC HMIS Training

As the Local System Administrators (LSAs) for the Balance of State, Durham, Orange, and Wake CoCs, the NCCEH Data Center supports the training of new users. And we are exited to have you join the HMIS User community here in North Carolina!

So you want to access HMIS?

NC HMIS Training is completed through NCCEH's supplemental HUD Data Standards material below, and our HMIS Lead MCAH's website. In order to grant a license, you need to complete the trainings, take the quizzes, and email the NCCEH Data Center your certificates. 

If your agency is already on HMIS, ask your Agency Administrator to request an HMIS license through our Balance of State or Triangle CoCs License Request Forms. If you are with an agency that would like to join HMIS, please email us at the HelpDesk.


HUD Data Standards Training

These data elements are the building blocks of HMIS and help our community better understand the path to ending homelessness. Please run through this training before continuing to MCAH's website. 

  1. HUD Data Standards Tutorial

    • Review the available audio segments for HUD's explanation of required data elements. For more detail on each element, contact the Data Center or consult the HUD HMIS Data Standards Manual.
  2. NCCEH Supplemental Training for HUD Data Standards

    • Review these slides for explanation and NC HMIS instruction for data elements missing from HUD's Data Standards Tutorial. Each of these elements are essential to enter into HMIS for a complete understanding of our system.
  3. NCCEH HUD Data Standards Quiz

    • Answer 14 out of the 17 questions correctly in order to receive a passing grade.
    • When you submit your responses, the Data Center will automatically receive your score.

Take MCAH's HMIS Training online

  •  Contact the NCCEH Data Center directly for confirmation and guidance on which training path is right for you.

  • Register at, which is maintained by MCAH, the NC HMIS Lead Agency.

  • Log into website and use the New User Training Guide (North Carolina) on the left to find the correct trainings.


Additional Resources and Guides

Need additional support?

Request a training for your agency or region with our Data Center Training Request Form, or give us a call at the Help Desk below!

Contact the NCCEH Data Center Help Desk
Email us: