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NC HMIS Governance Committee

Materials for the NC HMIS Governance Committee are currently hosted here

A note about information on this page: NCCEH provided staffing support to the Governance Committee during the transition of HMIS Lead Agencies (Sept 2014 - June 2015). This page contains the Governance Committeee documents from that time period. While NCCEH no longer provides staffing support, this page is updated with documents at the request of the Governance Committee. As these requests are not consistent, this page is not a complete archive of information after June 2015. 

Governance Committee Meeting Agendas and Related Documents

Date Documents Topics

Agenda, Minutes from 10.7, Minutes from 10.12, MCAH Update, Updated Budget

MCAH update, Finance Committee update, Oversight Committee update, facilitated discussion

Agenda, Minutes from 6.22, Minutes from 8.10, Minutes from 8.26, Minutes from 9.4, By-laws with Proposed Edits, Committee Reorganization Proposal, Revised Annual Budget, Financial Tasks Tracker, License Migration Report

By-laws, workgroups and committees, finance report, MCAH updates, general updates

Agenda, Minutes from 6.22.15 Meeting, Minutes from 8.10.15 Meeting, Finance Task Tracker, MCAH Scope of Work, MCAH Revised Contract, MCAH Contract Exhibit D, By-Laws, By-Laws with 8.26.15 Revisions

Finance report, general updates, governance by-laws

Meeting Agenda, Minutes from 6.8.15 Meeting, By-Laws with Karen DiBlasio Comments, Executive Cmte. Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Committee roles and responsibilities, finance report, purchasing new licenses, MCAH updates, by-laws update

Meeting Agenda, Approved By-Laws, Draft Policies and Procedures, Jul-Sep MOU, Draft Transition Contract ExtensionCHIN Financial Statements, Draft Transition Extension Timeline, MCAH Jul-Sep 2015 Budget 


Meeting Agenda, Draft By-Laws, Draft Policies and Procedures, CoC & Bowman MOU, Minutes

Defining Roles, By-Laws, Polcies and Procedures, Local System Admin Group, Finance Work Group, MCAH Report, Moving Forward Together

Meeting Agenda, Draft Policies and Procedures, Minutes


Meeting Agenda, CHIN Accounts Receivables, Privacy Update, Draft Privacy ScriptDraft Participation Agreement, Draft Privacy Notice, Draft By-Laws, Minutes



Meeting Agenda, Draft Transition Contract, CHIN Financial Report, Draft Client Release of Info & Sharing Plan, Draft QSOBAA, Draft Users Agreement, Administrative Data Use Agreement, Minutes

Transition Contract, Privacy Document Approval, Timeline for Governance Documents

Meeting Agenda, CHIN Staff Report, CHIN Work Plan, CHIN Accounts Receivables, NC HMIS Costs by CoC (with updated Bowman costs), MCAH Transition Scope of Work, Draft MOU, Meeting Minutes

CHIN Closeout, MCAH Update, 

Meeting Agenda, CHIN Financial Statements, MCAH Jul 15 - Jun 16 Budget, MCAH 15-16 Budget by CoC, Summary of MCAH Draft Budget changes, Draft Communication Protocols for Transition,Meeting Minutes

 MCAH Budget, April Training Schedule, Communication Work Group Update,CHIN Transition, Privacy Work Group Update

Meeting Agenda, CHIN Staff Report, CHIN Work Plan, CHIN Budget vs Actual, CHIN Accounts Receivables, MCAH Jul 15 - Jun 16 Budget, governance documents (see 2.17.15 links below),Meeting Minutes

CHIN Status Report & Financial Update, MCAH Jul 15 - Jun 16 Budget, Governance


Meeting Agenda, Joint Governance Charter Responsibilities, Meeting Minutes

Contract with Bowman, Transition Subcommittee and work group updates, MCAH training schedule, governance

2.17.15 (Governance Webinar)

Governance Webinar Recording, Webinar Slides, Overview of Governance Documents, HMIS Governance in Statewide Environment, HMIS Governance in a Multi-CoC Environment

Recording, slides, and supplemental materials from Governance Webinar


Meeting Agenda, CHIN Staff Report, CHIN Work Plan, Data Subcommittee MinutesPrivacy Workgroup PresentationPrivacy Presentation, Sample Privacy Statement, Privacy Training Update, CHIN Accounts Receivables, CHIN Budget vs Actual Jul-Dec, Meeting Minutes

CHIN Status Report, Data Subcommittee Report, Transition Subcommittee Update, Privacy


Meeting Agenda, Draft FAQ, Draft Contact List, Revised MCAH Transition Budget, Transition Costs by CoC (pdf), Transition Costs by CoC (excel),Meeting Minutes

Communications Work Group Update, Budget Update, Transition Subcommittee Update


Meeting Agenda, Revised 6.27.14 Budget, Transition Budget (Jan.-June), Work Plan, CHIN Staff Report, Users Who Need to Pass Data Standards Quiz, Inactive Users, Financial Report, Meeting Minutes

CHIN Status Report, Data Subcommittee Report, SSN Patch, Data Subcommittee Report, Communications Workgroup Report


Meeting Agenda, CHIN Report to GC, CHIN Work Plan, CHIN Financial Report, CHIN 2015 Budget, CHIN 2015 CoC FeesMCAH Presentation, Meeting Minutes

CHIN Status Report, Data Subcommittee Report, Transition Subcommittee Report, MCAH Status Update


Meeting Agenda, August GC MinutesCHIN Jul-Dec 2014 Budget vs Actual, CHIN Draft Jan-Apr 2015 Budget, CHIN Report to GC, CHIN Work Plan, MCAH's NC Meeting Itinerary, Cost Sharing Options, Meeting Minutes

CHIN Status Report, Data Subcommittee Report, Budget Subcommittee Report, MCAH Status Update, Transition Subcommittee Report


Meeting Agenda, Scope of Work for MCAH Evaluation Contract, Draft MCAH & NCHC ContractDraft Options for Cost Sharing, 10.1.14 Data Subcommittee Minutes, Meeting Minutes

CHIN Status Report, Data Subcommittee Report, Transition Planning


9.4.14 Meeting Agenda, CHIN Profit & Loss July 2013-June 2014, CHIN Proposed Budget July-Dec 2014, CHIN Fees July 2013 - June 2014, CHIN Fees July-Dec 2014, Meeting Minutes

Extension of NCHC contract, Cloudburst Rapid Re-Housing Study, Data Subcommittee Report, Roles During Transition, Budget Subcommittee Report, Planning for New Structure


MCAH Resources

Date Added Document
12.8.14 Michigan Joint Governance Charter
12.8.14 Michigan Operating Policy and Procedure
12.8.14 Contracts and Agreements: Participation Agreement, Administration QSOBAA, Sharing Agreement QSOBAA, Users Agreement
12.8.14 Privacy Documents: Privacy Training, Public Notice, Agency Requirements for Privacy Compliance, Agency Sample Privacy Policy, MCAH Privacy Notice, Release for Optional Sharing Configurations, Privacy Notice Script Summary, Consent for Release of Confidential Information
12.8.14 Support Paradigm for Michigan HMIS
12.8.14 NC Activities Chart (transitional activities with timeline)


Other Important Documents

Date Added Document
10.8.14 Governance Committee Membership & Attendance
1.26.15 Governance Committee Lead Contacts (for use by agencies, this is not a membership list) 
9.30.14 CHIN Memorandum of Understanding
9.30.14 Request for Proposals (issued February 21)

Transition Contract Extension (Jul-Sep 2015) 


MOU w/ CoCs and MCAH (Jul-Sept 2015)