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Balance of State Subcommittees and Workgroups

The Balance of State has several standing subcommittees and workgroups. These groups review CoC goals and performance, help set priorities and make decisions, and serve as discussion and networking platforms for members of the CoC.


Balance of State subcommittees are open to all interested members of the Balance of State. Grantees that receive rapid re-housing or permanent supportive housing funding should participate in the appropriate subcommittee. 

Subcommittee meetings are held every two to three months via conference call and webinar. The meetings are posted on the NCCEH website calendar as they are scheduled.

More information is available on the subcommittee webpages.

Previous Subcommittees

  • Permanent Supportive Housing Subcommittee: view page
  • Rapid Re-Housing Subcommittee: view page
  • HMIS Data Quality Subcommittee: view page

Active Workgroups

The purpose of the Balance of State workgroups is to investigate and make decisions about specific issues facing the CoC. There are currently two workgroups: one for restructuring and one for written standards.

Workgroups are made up of volunteer membership. Information about meetings is sent to these members.

More information is available on the workgroup webpages.

Previous Workgroups

Information from workgroups that are now inactive is archived on the pages below.