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Balance of State HMIS Information

HMIS Advisory Board Governance Charter

With the transition from MCAH to NCCEH as the HMIS Lead Agency and a new HMIS implementation replacing NC HMIS, a new governing body called the HMIS Advisory Board will be set up.  The HMIS Advisory Board Governance Charter reflects how this body will operate to oversee the new implementation. Please read the HMIS Advisory Board Governance Charter thoroughly. The revised version was approved at the June 5 Steering Committee meeting.

BoS HMIS Licenses

In May 2014, the Balance of State Steering Committee approved an updated policy for allocating HMIS licenses. This policy was last updated in July 2017. The full policy is posted on the main BoS webpage

According to the current policy in place, in order to maintain HMIS licenses, users must:

  • Log in at least once every 60 days

  • Maintain high data quality

    • Data quality will be reviewed using HMIS reports that report on Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the Universal Data Elements (UDEs) and the timeliness of data entry. The error rate for PII and UDEs per project should be under 10%. The rate of chronic homelessness (also UDEs) calculation errors should also be under 10%. All HMIS data should be entered within 7-10 business days of receipt.
  • Be responsive to outreach from MCAH and NCCEH

  • Regularly and actively participate in local BoS Regional Committee meetings (another representative from the end user’s organization may participate if the end user cannot)

  • Enter all HUD required elements in HMIS

  • Complete all required trainings and training updates within one month of request

  • Keep username and password confidential and not share license with others

If your agency needs to request an HMIS license, please fill out this form.

Questions? Contact the BoS team by email or at (919) 755-4393.