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Balance of State 2012 ESG Application Information

The materials below are from the 2012 ESG funding application.
Please note the 2012 application is closed. These materials are provided for reference only.

Checklist for Applying for 2012 ESG Funds


Resources for Completing Regional ESG Application

BoS CoC Answers for Regional Application This document contains answers for to several questions in the regional application.  download Word doc
BoS CoC Action Plan Use this to answer Question 10. download Excel file
HMIS Bed Coverage NCCEH has calculated the HMIS bed coverage for each BoS region.  Select your region from the tabs at the bottom of the workbook.  Use this document to answer Question 18. download Excel file
2010 & 2011 PIT Count Data Use this data to answer Question 32.  (Multi-county regions will need to add their counties' data together.)
2012 PIT Count Data NCCEH has calculated the 2012 PIT Count data for each county in the BoS.  Use this data to answer Question 37.  (Multi-county regions will need to add their counties' data together.) download Excel file
HUD Geocodes For Question 39, if needed, match the gecode in the HIC to this list to determine what counties agencies are located in. view pdf

Additional 2012 ESG Application Resources

Slides from 5.21.12 BoS ESG training call These slides were used for the NCCEH training call for BoS communities.  view pdf
Estimated Regional Pro Rata & List of FY11A Grantees This spreadsheet contains an estimate for the level of funding that each region will be entitled to apply for in the ESG competition. It also has a list of all of the current ESG grantees. download Excel file
ESG Intent to Apply Form Agencies interested in applying for ESG funds must complete this form. view form
April 2012 BoS ESG Meeting Slides These slides are from the presentation that was used for the regional meetings held in conjunction with the State ESG meetings. view pdf