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Participating in the 2010 Census


Why Participate in the 2010 Census?

The amount of federal dollars allocated to homelessness every year is based in part on U.S. Census data, and people who experience homelessness have historically been grossly underrepresented in the Census.  They don’t have mailing addresses. They are misinformed about eligibility. They don’t get counted, and this perpetuates the current underfunding of solutions. You can help end homelessness by making sure that persons experiencing homelessness are counted in 2010! 
It’s ABOUT MONEY: The number of people counted in a city, county and state determines how much government money goes to an area – for schools, health care, housing, roads, transit, social services, and job training. Using Census data, the Federal Government allocates about $1,500 per person per year to North Carolina communities, so having 100 more people counted adds $150,000 a year for your area. 1,000 more adds $1,500,000!   
It’s ABOUT POWER: The population size affects where the district lines are drawn for elections, from City Hall to Congress. More people means more political power for your community in Congress and in our state legislature, and it affects who represents you!    
It’s ABOUT YOUR FUTURE: Business and government planners use the Census to make decisions about your community’s future. The Census helps decide where to locate a new grocery store, hospital, school, recreation center and affordable housing development.   

How Do Homeless Service Providers Participate?

From March 29-31, 2010, Census workers will be visiting homeless shelters and transitional housing facilities around the state. They will be counting individuals, but will not be collecting any personal or identifying information. We want to make sure that homeless residents in our state are counted during this time! If your shelter/housing facility is not visited by a Census worker on one of these days, please call us at 919-755-4393 or email us to report this oversight. We will work with you to ensure your facility is counted.