North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

HST Letter to the General Assembly of North Carolina

Dear Members of the North Carolina General Assembly,

North Carolina’s Housing Support Teams initiative, one of the most successful programs to emerge from Mental Health Transformation, is at risk of being lost.  Created and funded by the NC Department of Health and Human Services in 2007 at $2.1 million for 26 months through the Mental Health Trust Fund, the Housing Support Teams initiative is the first and only state-funded program dedicated to the homeless.  The initiative has succeeded in meeting the original goals set forth by the mental health transformation: greater patient choice, service provision in the least restrictive environments possible, and significant cost savings for our state.  
The Housing Support Teams pilot program serves homeless individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.  The Teams target individuals who have heavily utilized public systems such as hospitals, mental health hospitals, jails, prisons and homeless shelters.  Through this program, we are realizing dramatically successful outcomes and reducing their use of these public systems. Teams work with these individuals to move them out of mental health crisis and to access housing and supportive services. 
Preliminary reports suggest that  federal, state, and locally funded service systems in counties with Housing Support Teams are recognizing an average of 19% cost savings, with one community seeing a 32% cost savings.  To learn more about these savings, we encourage you to read the newly released interim report entitled The Cost Effectiveness of Housing Support Teams: The Experiences of Persons Enrolled in the First Three Months. The report details the program’s goals and success to date. 
This pilot project is flourishing in three North Carolina counties: Buncombe, Durham, and Guilford.  Without continued funding the Housing Support Teams initiative will end on June 30, 2009.  The program’s end will mean a loss of stability for participants currently enrolled in the program and will deny future participants, our service systems and other communities from realizing these incredible outcomes and savings.
We, the undersigned, urge the General Assembly to continue funding Housing Support Teams in North Carolina so that the program can continue to successfully serve our most vulnerable residents while providing proven cost savings in this time of state financial crisis. 
The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness
Housing for New Hope, Durham
Partners Ending Homelessness, Guilford County
Asheville-Buncombe Homeless Initiative Advisory Group
Homeward Bound of Asheville
NC Housing Coalition
D.S. Miller Inc., High Point
Greensboro Housing Coalition
Open Door Ministires, High Point
Hope Outreach Center, High Point
Good Shepherd Center, Wilmington
Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network
Mental Health Association of Greensboro
Guilford County Mental Health Coalition
Charlotte Emergency Housing
Community of High Point
Partners Ending Homelessness Initiative, Jamestown
Uptown Shelter, Charlotte
The Guilford Center
Guilford County Substance Abuse Coalition
YWCA Central Carolinas
Davidson Housing Coalition
Greensboro Urban Ministry
Triad Health Project, Greensboro
Guilford Center, Greensboro
To Serve With Love, Charlotte
Sarver Housing Group, Inc., Asheville/Chapel Hill
HomeAid Charlotte
Samaritan House, Charlotte
East Carolina Behavioral Health LME, Greenville
FaithAction International House, Greensboro
Christians United Outreach Center, Asheboro
St. Peter's Homes, Inc., Charlotte
Lee Street Merchants Association, Greensboro
Akashi Japanese Restaurant, Greensboro
Ken Collins Woodworking Studio, Greensboro
Family Service of the Piedmont, Greensboro
Immanuel Baptist Church, Greensboro
University Mini Storage, Greensboro
First Lutheran Church, Greensboro
MacMillan & Associates, Inc., Greensboro
Baluba's African Market, Greensboro
Alumni Housing for New Hope, Durham
Family Resource Center, High Point
Youth Focus, High Point/Greensboro
NAMI Durham
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Durham
Adult System of Care, Durham
Genesis Home, Durham
Oakdale United Methodist Church, Jamestown
West End Ministries, Inc., High Point
Alcohol and Drug Services, High Point
Open Table Ministries, Rougemont and Durham
Jericho House Inc., Greensboro
Wellness Solutions Center of Durham
Guilford Interfaith Hospitality Network, Greensboro and High Point
The Joy A. Shabazz Center for Independent Living, Greensboro
Community Resource Solutions, Winston-Salem
Individual Signatures: 
Donna Addison, Greensboro
Rev. Mike Aiken, Greensboro
Helen and Jack Alford, Greensboro
Susan Griffy Alt, Greensboro
Tyler Anderson, Greensboro
Vivan Armstrong, MSW, Greensboro
Jared Arny, McLeansville
Jason Aufdemberg, Jamestown
Mary Aufdemberg, Jamestown
Dyan Arkin, Greensboro
Amy Babson, Shalotte
Gwen Bader, Greensboro
Jim Bain, Greensboro
Linda Bair, Greensboro
Linda B. Baity, Yadkinville
Holly Barham, Asheville
Jana L. Barrett, High Point
Judy H. Bartlett, Summerfield
Jackie Bass, Roanoke, VA
Margaret G. Beal, Greensboro
Sara Beale, Durham
Susie Bell, High Point
J.R. Benbow, Greensboro
Marshall Benbow, Greensboro
Hermann Bennhausen, Durham
Jehan Benton, High Point 
Nicole Bessoir, Greensboro
Donna J. Biederman, Mebane
David Bills, Greensboro
Kendrah Black, Greensboro
Sandy Blackburn, Welcome/Lexington
Tara Bohley, Winston-Salem
Patricia D. Braden, Greensboro
Elizabeth M. Brantley, Greensboro
Amanda Bregel, Greensboro
Rev. Etta Breit, Wilmington
Eric Breit, Durham
Alice Bridge, Greensboro
Karen Bridges, High Point
Claire J. Britt, Durham
Jessica Brown, Greensboro
Margaret Browning, Morganton
William Connor Bryan, Greensboro
Elizabeth Bulla, Greensboro
Julia Bunting, Hillsborough
Donna Butler, Greensboro
Jackie Butler, High Point
Brett Byerly, High Point
Erin Byrd, Raleigh
Charles Cameron, Greensboro
Diane Campbell, Greensboro
Thomas Campbell, Greensboro
Emily Carmody, Durham
Mary Carswell
Jane Carter, Greensboro
Max L. Carter, Greensboro
Kristi Case, Sylva
Steve Case, Sandpoint, ID
Mark Cassity, Greensboro
Buffy Casto, Greensboro
Renetta Cathey, High Point
Alicia Chan, Greensboro
JoAnn Clark, Greensboro
Marianne Clayter, Raleigh
Minta Coeyman, Greensboro
Brenda Cogdell, Greensboro
Rev. Amy Coles, Pinnacle
Tyler Colton, Greensboro
Carolyn Cooper, Durham
Gloria Cortes, Greensboro
Billie H. Council, Jamesville
Judy Crabtree, Salisbury
Christine Craft, Arden
William Cranfield, Greensboro
David Cranfill, Pleasant Garden
Mary Cranford, Greensboro
Amber Nicole Crawford, Greensboro
Eleanor Cross, Charlotte
Mary Ann Cross, Chapel Hill
Oliver Cross, Chapel Hill
Susan Crotts, Greensboro
Michael Curtis, Greensboro
Ronald A. Davis, Charlotte
Turquandra S. Davis, Charlotte
Nicole R. Dewitt, MSW, Charlotte
Dana Donaldson, Greensboro
Donovan Drake, Durham
Anne Drennan, Durham
Virginia M. Driscoll, Greensboro
Lisa Elrod, Greensboro
Kimberly Embry, Greensboro
Jennifer Emerson-Roy, Greensboro
Myla Erwin, High Point
Robert Erwin, High Point
Lavoye Eubanks, Durham
Laura Fairley, Greensboro
Alexander K. Fantroy, Raleigh
William Feathers, Salisbury
Joan Ficca, Summerfield
Barbara Fitzgerald, Greensboro
Terri Flam-Goldberg, Greensboro
Kaye Fry, Climax
Sarah Fulkerson, Durham
Stanley Gajda, Greensboro
Cheryl Gant, Greensboro
Brad Gilyard, Concord
Jean Gordon, Greensboro
Laura S. Gorham, Durham
Talaika Goss-Williams, Stokes
Carter Grant, Greensboro
Michael E. Greene, Greensboro
Rev. Carla P. Gregg, Durham
Jessica Gregory, Greensboro
Connie Haines, Wake Forest
Dana Hall, Durham
Rickey V. Hall, Sr., Charlotte
Rachel E. Hallowell, Kernersville
Carolyn Harmon, Greensboro
Thomas Harmon Greensboro
Cynthia Harris, Durham
Quentin Harris, Greensboro
Deborah Hayes
Regina Hayes, Greensboro
Renee Hayes, Trinity
Jeff Herman-Smith, Charlotte
Shanta Hicks, Greensboro
Kelly Hildebrandt, Greensboro
Ruth S. Hood, Greensboro
Katie Hooper, Greensboro
Elaine Horner, Pleasant Garden
Tonya Hoskins, Greensboro
Patti Hughes, Greensboro
Martha Hughes-Jam, Greensboro
Becky Hunt, Greensboro
Doris James, High Point
Hugh Jernigan, Greensboro
Leila M. Jernigan, Greensboro
Bethany Johnson, High Point
Emily Johnson, Statesville
Chris Johnston, Greensboro
Janet Johnston, Greensboro
Guy Julian, Greensboro
Robin B. Kager, High Point
James Kearl, Greensboro
Rebecca Kearl, Greensboro
Lindsey Kearns, Durham
Rev. Randall J. Keeney, Greensboro
Miriam Keller, Greensboro
Michael Kelly, Durham
Olivia S. Kelly, Greensboro
Andy Kenerly, Greensboro
Eleanor T. Kennedy, Greensboro
Ellen Kepcha, Greensboro
Katrina Ketring, Greensboro
Debra King, Raleigh
Katrina R. Knight, Wilmington
Theresa Knoy, Springville, IN
Andrew Kristal, Greensboro
Dr. Sharon P. Kugelmass, Charlotte
Louise Lampron-Welker, Ph. D., Greensboro
Camille Lancaster, Greensboro
Dorothy Lanier, Greensboro
Jim M. Lantz, Greensboro
Tom Lassiter, Greensboro
Kathleen B. Latham, Greensboro
Barbara LeGrande, Greensboro
Lara Lehosky, Greensboro
Michaelle Leslie, Raleigh
Vickie Lilley, Williamston
Megan Lilly, Colfax
Albert Linder, High Point
Michael Lineberry, Greensboro
Suzanne N. Lineberry, CHES, Greensboro
Bolling Lowery, Greensboro
Kelly Lynn, Charlotte
Harriet Mitchell MacKenzie, Greensboro
Janet Mackenzie, Greensboro
Skip MacMillan, Greensboro
Sylvia C. MacMillan, Greensboro
Pat Maguire, Greensboro
C. Franklin Mansfield, M.Ed., Charlotte
Ken Marion, Greensboro
Clark Martin, Greensboro
Joe Martin, Thomasville
Nancy Maury, Greensboro
Brian McDonald, Jamestown
Laura McDuffee, Greensboro
Mitchell McGee, Greensboro
A. Craig McGhee, Jamestown
Ruby McGhee, Jamestown
Anne McKee, Greensboro
Beth McKee-Huger, Greensboro
Vickie McWhirter, High Point
Pam Mentley, Brown Summit
Robert C. Mers, Greensboro
Elizabeth Michel, Greensboro
Teresa Middleton, Greensboro
Martha New Milam, Durham
LaMonica Mitchell, High Point
Andy Mitchum, Greensboro
Debbie Mitchum, Greensboro
Amy S. Modlin, Jamesville
Courtney Modlin, Jamesville
Wayne Modlin, Jr., Jamesville
Brent Monger, Greensboro
Karen Montaperto, Charlotte
Frank Moore, Greensboro
Kathleen Moran, New Bern
Jim Morgan, Greensboro
Benton Neese, Kernersville
Dan Nelson, Summerfield
Karol A. Neufeld, Greensboro
Chastity Newkirk, Greensboro
Martha Olstin, Charlotte
Ruth Ouimette, Chapel Hill
Valerie Paterson, Greensboro
Raymond Payne, Greensboro
Tiffany Peck, Tuscon, AZ
Margaret Pipkin, Greensboro
Francie Portnoy, Greensboro
Susan Poulos, Greensboro
John Prevette, Winston-Salem
Rachel Pullen, Greensboro
Barbara Rae, Greensboro
Hayes Ratledge, Greensboro
Nancy Rattidge, Greensboro
Brett Reiser, Greensboro
Ryan Reiser, Greensboro
Thelma B. Reynolds, Charlotte
Kathleen Rice, Greensboro
Ryan Rieser, Greensboro
Elizabeth Riggs, Greensboro
Brenda R. Robinson, Asheville
Rachael Rocamora, Greensboro
Beverly C. Rogers, Greensboro
William R. Rogers, Greensboro
Casey Sampson, Oak Ridge
Jon Sarver, Asheville
Mike Sasser, Greensboro
Heather Saunders, Raleigh
Anthony Scarbraugh, Washington
Mattie Scarbraugh, Washington
Jennifer Schaal, Greensboro
Nancy Shane, Greensboro
Dr. Robert W. Shaw, Durham
Selwyn Shaw, Winston-Salem
Sally Shipley, Greensboro
Emily Siar, Greensboro
Kathryn J. Siepoh, Greensboro
Michael L. Sileno, Greensboro
Sherri Simon, Greensboro
I. Sloan, Greensboro
Adria Smith, Greensboro
Richard W. Smith, Greensboro
Roy Southern, Whitsett
Vikki Southern, Whitsett
Sue Spidell, Greensboro
Grace Spinella, Greensboro
William W. Stanley, Raleigh
William H. Stokes, Greensboro
Lyn M. Strickland, Greensboro
Dottie Stultz, Greensboro
Jody Susong, Jamestown
Diane Sutton, Greensboro
Ron Swanson, Greensboro
Jessica Thomas, MSW, Greensboro
Joanne DeTiere, Greensboro
Trudy Tobias, Greensboro
Michaelann Todtz, Greensboro
Gayle Tuch, Clemmons
Mary Epps Turner, Greensboro
Wayne Turner, Greensboro
Sandra Vermillion, Charlotte
Nancy L. Walker, Greensboro
Monica Wallace, Charlotte
Megan Warrick, Greensboro
Danika Washington, Greensboro
Sheila Webb, Durham
Sally Weeks, Greensboro
Rob Weigle, Charlotte
Gail Welborn, Greensboro
Kay Wellemeyer, Durham
Anne White, Jamestown
E. Chandler White, Jr., Greensboro
John White, Greensboro
Matthew White, Greensboro
Susan Wies, Greensboro
Elizabeth Mitchell Wilcox, Greensboro
Mary Willingham, Greensboro
Janet Wilmore, Greensboro
Charlie Wilson, Durham
Fred Wilson, Greensboro
Tiki T. Windley, Chapel Hill
Lylan Wingfield, Greensboro
Kim Wright, Denton
R. Thompson Wright, Greensboro
Sarah H. Wright, Summerfield
Buster A. Yancey, Greensboro
Pat Yelton, Greensboro
John D. Young, Greensboro
Charlie Zimmerman, Greensboro
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