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NC State ESG Program Changes

In 2012, the NC State ESG Program changed significantly. The program shifted from the Emergency Shelter Grants Program to the Emergency Solutions Grants Program. Materials from the discussions and trainings regarding that shift from 2012 can be found below. 

Important Dates: 2012 ESG Changes

Date Event Details

3.2.12 & 3.9.12

Intro to Emergency Solutions Grants Program NC DHHS is holding a conference call to review preliminary information about changes to the State ESG program.  ESG grantees and CoC leadership are invited to participate.  Call 919-715-0769 to participate in the conference call. 
3.15.12 ESG meeting with CoC Reprsentatives The State ESG office is asking CoC Lead Agencies to nominate representatives to serve on an ESG planning group. The group will meet on March 13th or 15th to provide feedback on the State's Preliminary Plan. 
3.13.12 NCCEH Tuesdays @ 2 Call
HEARTH, Federal Strategic Plan, Rapid Re-Housing, ESG funding changes... what is it all about? Join NCCEH to learn about where these changes are coming from and how they all fit together to create change. Shifting priorities and programs is essential to ending homelessness. Dial in to learn how these changes might impact you and how to stay ahead of the curve!
4.4.12 ESG Plan made available to public
This document addresses the second allocation of FY2011 funding (2011B). This funding must be used for rapid re-housing, prevention, or HMIS. 
This documents addresses the FY2012 funding. This funding can be used for historic ESG activities (shelters & currently funded transitional housing), rapid re-housing, or HMIS. 
4.4.12 - 5.4.12 Public Comment Period
Take the opportunity to comment on the State's ESG implementation plan. 
Official written comments on the amendments may be submitted: 
  • via email to:
  • via fax to: (919) 571-4951,
  • or via mail to:
    Iris Payne 
    Attn: Public Comment
    Community Investment and Assistance
    4313 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-4313
All comments must be sent no later than May 4, 2012 for the 2011 document and no later than May 21, 2012 for the 2012 document.
Informal comments may be submitted to: 

4.10.12, 4,12.12, 4.13.12, 4.16.12, 4.17.12, 4.20.12

State ESG Regional Meetings

The State is hosting six regional meetings for ESG stakeholders.

Click here to view the invitation.

4.30.12 Public Hearing A public hearing for the amended 2011 and 2012 Consolidated Annual Action Plans will be held on April 30, 2012 from 9:00 am-10:00 am at the NCDA & CS Agronomic Division, located at 4300 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27607.  Click here for more information.
5.15.12 FY11b Substantial Amendment due to HUD View the Substantial Amendment here
7.17.12 & 7.26.12 ESG Webinars
Applicants are invited to participate in two free webinars held by the State to offer technical assistance and answer questions for organizations developing ESG applications. The webinars will be held:
Tuesday, July 17, 2:00-4:00
Thursday, July 26, 10:00-12:00
To join the webinars, please call 919-662-4658 at the starting time and connect to  On the website, please sign in by typing your name into the guest field you will see.
If you have questions about the webinars, please contact Michael Leach via email ( or by calling 919-855-4991.
The PowerPoint presentation from the July 17 call is posted here.
8.13.12 ESG Applications Due The State must receive all ESG applications by Monday, August 13.  Application materials are available here.


State Resources  & 2012 Application Materials

Date Posted Resource Description View
3.4.12 CoC Contact List Are you an ESG grantee and not sure how to contact your Continuum of Care (CoC)?   view
3.4.12 CoC Map & Overview Are you an ESG grantee but you haven't been involved with your CoC? Need to know more about what a CoC is and which CoC you are a part of?  view
3.5.12 State ESG Call Slides & Notes These slides and notes are from the March 2, 2012 conference call to review preliminary information about changes to the NC ESG program. Clarification has been added to several slides. The State encourages call participants as well as individuals that missed the call to review the information in this packet.  view
3.15.12 State ESG CoC Meeting Notes These slides are from the March 15, 2012 meeting that the State ESG office held in Raleigh with CoC representatives.   view
4.4.12 State ESG Substantial Amendment for FY11B funds This document outlines how the State ESG Office intends to award the second allotment of FY2011 ESG funds. 
4.24.12 State ESG Substantial Amendment for FY12 funds This document outlines how the State ESG Office intends to award FY2012 ESG funds.   view
State ESG Application
The State released the application for ESG funding on July 11, 2012.  Applications must be received by August 13, 2012.
6.17.12 State ESG Application Webinar Presentation This is the presentation from the application webinar that the State ESG Office held on July 17. view

HUD Resources on ESG Changes

HUD ESG Webpage All of HUD's Emergency Solutions Grants materials, including webinars, can be found on this page. 
HUD Webinar: ESG Program Components and Activities
Reviews eligible costs and activities and key program requirements. Available as recorded webinar or slides. For more detailed information, listen to the webinar. 
Comparison of HPRP and ESG Requirements
This document from HUD is intended to help communities transitioning from HPRP to ESG understand the similarities and differences between the two programs.
Video Message from HUD Secretary Donovan Secretary Donovan speaks to ESG recipients about HUD's priorities for the Emergency Solutions Grants Program. 
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