North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

BoS Restructuring Workgroup

The Restructuring Workgroup was formed to assess the current structure of Regional Committees within the Balance of State CoC and recommend needed changes and improvements.

Date Description Document
05.26.16 In-person meeting - evaluate feedback, revise proposal, finalize map
 2.22.16 In-person meeting - finalize map, craft proposal document content
 2.4.16 Phone meeting - review map proposal
 1.8.16 In-person meeting - fornulate proposal content, format, and timeline
 10.6.15 Phone meeting - reviewed survey results and revised timeline
 8.4.15 Phone meeting - update on survey and timeline
 7.7.15 Phone meeting - finalize survey, how BoS in other state determine structure, struggling Regional Committees
 6.2.15 Phone meeting - Regional Committee capacity & change survey, Regional Committee goals, How BoS CoCs in other states deterline structure, HUD best practice info/TA
 5.5.15 Phone meeting - kickoff meeting, framing of task
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