North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

BoS Permanent Supportive Housing Subcommittee

The Permanent Supportive Housing Subcommittee is for agencies that are running or are interested in running PSH programs. All CoC grantees that receive PSH funding should participate in this subcommittee.

Date Description Document
7.12.16 PSH Grantee Meeting Slides view pdf
5.16.16 Landlord Engagement with PSH Programs view pdf
2.15.16 Targeting and Key Program Presentation view pdf
11.16.15 Improving Employment Outcomes and the NC Supported Employment Program view pdf
8.17.15 No meeting materials  
5.18.15 No meeting materials  
2.23.15 No meeting materials  
11.17.14 PSH Subcommittee Presentation: Homeless Definition and Chronic Homeless Prioritization view pdf
8.18.14 PSH Subcommittee Presentation: Prior Residence, Strategic Planning Objectives - Increasing Clients' Income and Clients' Obtaining Mainstream Benefits view pdf
5.12.14 PSH Subcommittee Presentation: Strategic Planning Objectives - Increasing Progress Towards Ending Chronic Homelessness and Increasing Housing Stability view pdf
5.12.14 Strategic Planning Objectives from the 2014-2015 CoC Application view pdf
2.10.14 PSH Subcommittee Presentation: 2013 CoC Project Application Scores view pdf
11.12.13 PSH Subcommittee Presentation: CoC Scorecard - Permanent Supportive Housing Measures view pdf