North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Funding and Performance Subcommittee


The Funding and Performance Subcommittee was formed when the steering Committee approved the Steering Committee restructuring proposal. This proposal added at-large members to the Steering Committee and made other changes to improve the Steering Committee’s work. The Funding and Performance Subcommittee was intended to help the Steering Committee better understand the CoC’s performance and make recommendations to improve it.


The purpose of this subcommittee is to track the CoC’s performance as a whole throughout the year, to recommend funding priorities, and to increase the CoC’s competitiveness for funding. The subcommittee will set priorities for both CoC and ESG funding. 

Funding and Performance Subcommittee Members

Name Organization
Talaika Williams Trillium Health Resources
 Tiana Terry Volunteers of America 
Melissa McKeown  Union County Community Shelter 
 Joel Rice Cardinal Innovations 
Destri Leger REACH of Haywood County  
Richard Gary Allied Churche of Alamance County

Funding and Performance Subcommittee Minutes

Date Document
June 18, 2018 6.18.18
May 15, 2018 5.15.18
April 17, 2018  4.17.18
February 20, 2018  2.20.18 Minutes
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