North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Balance of State Continuum of Care: 2013 Application Information

The materials below are from the 2013 CoC funding application.
Please note the 2013 application is closed. These materials are provided for reference only.


2013 Application Materials

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2013 Project Applicant Instructions

This document outlines all application materials that must be submitted to NCCEH and the deadlines for submission.

Determination of Certification with State Consolidated Plan

ALL applicants must complete this form. It is submitted to the State to determine whether projects are consistent with the goals of the State Consolidated Plan.

Public Housing Authorities should fill out the "Form for PHAs." All other agencies should fill out the "Form for non-PHAs."

Form for PHAs

Form for non-PHAs

Certification of Consistency with Local Consolidated Plan

Only agencies in a jurisdiction with a local consolidated plan need to complete this form.
HUD-2991 online form

2013 Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW)

The GIW lists all projects eligible for renewal in the 2013 application. Agencies may only renew for the budget amounts and/or unit configurations listed in the GIW.

2013 Scorecard

Each year, the Scorecard Committee creates a scorecard that the Project Review Committee uses to score project applications.
(updated 12.9.13 with references on where to find answers in the project application)
Renewal Scorecard

Project Review Committee Presentation

This is the presentation from the Project Review Committee's orientation meeting on 1.6.14.

HUD Resources for the 2013 Application

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2013 CoC Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

HUD released the NOFA on November 22, 2013.

Esnaps Tutorials

Each year, HUD creates tutorials to guide applicants through esnaps, HUD's online application site. The tutorials are posted under the "Project Applicants" tab on the OneCPD webpage.
OneCPD webpage


2013 Participant Services Survey

This survey collects information on services that is required for the BoS CoC application. All service agencies in the BoS should complete the survey. fill out survey