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State of the Nation's Housing 2010

On June 14, 2010, the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University released its annual report, State of the Nation's Housing. The report, which provides an overview of the U.S. housing market, provides a mixed picture of current trends and future projections.
Most notable among the report's findings is the outlook it offers on low-income housing and severe housing cost burden. Not only does the report indicate that a record 18.6 million households faced severe housing cost burden in 2009, but it also notes that - unlike many other economic indicators - severe housing cost burden has persisted and climbed for decades. The report also offers insight into housing cost trade-offs for low-income households, covers the relationship between unemployment and housing insecurity, and offers federal policy suggestions to combat the effects of eroding housing affordability for low-income households in the U.S.
Read the full report here or download it from the Joint Center for Housing Studies' website at  
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