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Rhode Island’s Housing First Program Year 1 Evaluation

In 2005, the state of Rhode Island and the United Way of Rhode Island created a program to address chronic homelessness in the state by housing 50 homeless single adults in subsidized apartments and by providing those clients with the services they needed to stay housed. The program was designed according to “Housing First” principles which involve rapid access to permanent housing with voluntary access to a variety of services.
The program was implemented in late 2005 with the first client accessing housing and the 48th client was placed in April of 2007. An evaluation of the program by Eric Hirsch, PhD and Irene Glasser, PhD began in July 2006. The primary evaluation tool was in-depth interviews with clients in the program. This preliminary report is based on 41 baseline interviews and 30 follow-up interviews with clients. A more complete report will be released during the summer of 2008.
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