North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

NAEH Economy Bytes Brief: Doubled Up in the United States

The recent economic crisis has led policymakers, researchers, and advocates alike to ask: how many people are homeless due to the recession? In response, the National Alliance to End Homelessness is releasing a series of briefs on various economic indicators and their relationship to homelessness. 
The first brief, "Doubled Up in the United States," examines doubled-up families living in the United States. The two-page brief discusses the implications of the increase in doubled-up families, compares doubled-up families to doubled-up individuals, and reflects on the how the situation speaks to the recession's impact on homelessness and people vulnerable to homelessness. Ultimately, the brief concludes that doubled-up situations for both families and individuals have increased since 2005, indicating growing economic vulnerability and housing instability in the United States.
Download the brief here or read it on the NAEH website at
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