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In Transition: A Better Future for Youth Leaving Foster Care

Child Welfare Watch’s “In Transition: A Better Future for Youth Leaving Foster Care" highlights the need for additional programs for youth aging out of the foster care system. The report, released by The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs, studied a decade of reform efforts in New York City.
This special double edition of Child Welfare Watch reports that homelessness and severe economic hardship are widespread for young people aging out of New York City foster care. Its findings include:
  • 15 percent of young men and women who became adults in New York City foster care entered homeless shelters within two years of leaving the system, half of them with children of their own, according to an unpublished city review.
  • More than half of those young adults are mothers, entering shelters with children of their own.
  • New, innovative housing support services for young men and women can serve only a small fraction of those who need them, even as other, long-established housing programs have been eliminated or sharply reduced.
  • The number of young adults in city homeless shelters has increased nearly 71 percent since 2002, from 18,770 to 32,277.
  • Family stabilization services intended to prevent placement of children in foster care are being eroded by budget cuts. The total number of children served by preventive programs declined 23 percent between September 2009 and September 2010.
Download the report here or read it on The New School's website.
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