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HUD Rural Housing Stability Program Proposed Rule

On March 27, 2013, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a proposed rule for the Rural Housing Stability Program (RHSP) that includes a new definition of chronic homelessness. Under the proposed rule, an individual who has experienced four homeless episodes in three years must have been homeless for a cumulative total of at least one year in order to meet the new definition of chronically homelessness.
The RHSP program, which replaces the Rural Homelessness Grant program, is designed to provide funding for rural counties. Eligible uses of funds include:
  • Rent and mortgage assistance;
  • Housing search and counseling;
  • Short-term emergency lodging; and
  • Emergency food and clothing provision.
Interested persons are invited to submit comments regarding the RHSP rule, including the chronically homeless definition. Comments may be submitted to HUD either by mail or electronic submission at For more information about submitting a comment, see page 2 of RHSP proposed rule document. The deadline for comments is on the proposed rule is Tuesday, May 28.
Read the proposed rule on the HUD One CPD Resource Exchange website.
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