North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

HUD Homelessness Pulse Project: March 2010

The Homelessness Pulse project is intended to help the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gain a better understanding of the impact of the current economic crisis on homelessness. This understanding relies heavily on collecting up-to-date information on how counts of homeless persons may be changing as the crisis unfolds.
HUD has partnered with nine Continuums of Care (CoC) nationwide to collect more timely data on sheltered homelessness. The data—which are collected on a quarterly basis—will help gauge whether rising unemployment, increased foreclosures, and a struggling economy are leading to marked increases in homelessness in these nine communities.
The fifth quarterly report compares data from the end of March 2010 with information from four previous quarters in 2009. This report also updates a set of indicators of local economic and social conditions providing context for the trends in homelessness within each community. The economic indicators are intended to give a sense of changing conditions in the participating areas.
Read the full report here.
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