North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Forging Ahead: The State of the Supportive Housing Industry in 2010

Early in 2010, the Corporation for Supportive Housing sent out a survey to try to take the pulse of what is happening across the supportive housing industry. This is part of a new annual process for CSH of creating a better collective understanding of the challenges, opportunities and trends facing government, nonprofits and funders engaged in ending homelessness via supportive housing.
Three hundred fifty people responded to the survey, and the results are presented in the report "Forging Ahead: The State of the Supportive Housing Industry in 2010".  Close to three quarters of the respondents were from the nonprofit community and the balance were primarily from public agencies representing local and state government, as well as a handful from federal government agencies, foundations and academic institutions.
Download the report here or read it on the CSH website at
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