North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Criteria for Definition of At-Risk of Homelessness

For individuals and families who do not meet the definition of ‘‘homeless’’ under any of the categories established in the Homeless Definition final rule, the McKinney-Vento Act was amended to allow homeless prevention assistance to be provided to persons who are ‘‘at risk of homelessness”. This one-pager provides a high-level overview of the criteria for defining individuals and families who may qualify as at risk of homelessness under three categories, including: 1) individuals and families; 2) unaccompanied children and youth; and 3) families with children and youth.  This document applies to recipients of Emergency Solutions Grants funding only.
Please note: The At Risk of Homelessness definition, and corresponding recordkeeping requirements, was published in the interim Emergency Solutions Grants program rule on December 5, 2011. For more detailed information, please read the Emergency Solutions Grants program rule.
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