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Between the Lines 2010: A Question and Answer Guide on Legal Issue in Supportive Housing

The Corporation for Supportive Housing is pleased to make available the 2010 National Edition of Between the Lines: A Question and Answer Guide on Legal Issues in Supportive Housing. The Guide is published in two parts: the Chapters, which include an explanation of federal and some state laws governing supportive housing in a question and answer format; and the Appendices, which include more detailed information referenced in the Chapters.
In 2001, CSH, with support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, published the first Between the Lines. Supportive housing developers, service providers, property managers, and government staff have since frequently referenced the Guide for clarification on general legal principles related to developing, leasing, and operating supportive housing.
Much has changed since, as more communities have embraced permanent supportive housing as the model for reducing homelessness among populations vulnerable to housing instability. The law has changed as well, often attempting to catch up with this trend. CSH engaged 2001 Between the Lines authors Goldfarb & Lipman, L.L.P., to draft an updated version of the Guide. The 2010 version of the Guide allows readers to link directly to specific chapters, as well as to sections and questions within each chapter, by clicking on the bookmark icon, then clicking on the "+" sign next to "Chapters.".
While readers can search any section of the Guide for an answer to a specific question, CSH recommends reviewing the first two chapters to understand how the law is organized before seeking answers in any other section of the book.
Download the Chapters and the Appendices here or from the CSH website at
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