North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

2008 Shelter Survey Report

In March, 2008, Uptown Shelter Director and NCCEH Board member Carson Dean sent a survey to 136 homeless shelters across North Carolina.  The goal was to gain some collective insight regarding the challenges service providers were facing with discharges from mental health facilities, medical hospitals, and prisons.  

For the purpose of this survey, the term “shelter” meant any emergency, transitional, or day shelter.  In return for their candor, those surveyed were assured that they would not be identified, thus there is no list naming the shelters participating in this survey.  This report does identify the communities (city/county) representing survey responses received.  For participating in the survey, providers were offered nothing in return except receipt of the final report.

Read the final report, "Discharge Planning Challenges Facing North Carolina's Homeless Shelter Providers,"  here.
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