North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Balance of State CoC Priorities

The Balance of State is responsible for setting priorities that ensure the best outcomes for all homeless people within the CoC's geographic region. Balance of State priorities include:

  • Running effective programs based on best practices and evidence-based models
  • Investing the CoC's limited resources in programs with proven outcomes, with priority for rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing programs
  • Appropriate targeting of services


CoC Action Plan

In 2012, the BoS completed the CoC Check-Up, a process designed by HUD to help CoCs determine the degree to which they are prepared for HEARTH implementation. The final step in the Check-Up process was the development of the CoC Action Plan, which lays out action steps to help improve the BoS' capacity, performance, and infrastructure.

Download the CoC Action Plan.

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