North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Balance of State Governance and Structure

Balance of State Committees

The Steering Committee is the decision-making body for the Balance of State CoC. The Steering Committee meets monthly via conference call to discuss issues pertaining to the CoC, to pass motions on official business, and to share information from local Regional Committees. Regional Committee elected leads serve as the voting members of the Steering Committee.
Regional Committees coordinate local work and planning within the Balance of State. Regional Committees are required to hold annual elections to choose their official Regional Leads, who sit on the Steering Committee. Currently, there are approximately 25 active Regional Committees in the Balance of State. More information is available on the Regional Committee webpage.
Subcommittees provide a forum for program staff to discuss program performance, priorities, and best practice models. There are currently three subcommittees: Rapid Re-Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and HMIS Data Quality. The subcommittees meet via conference call and webinar on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. Subcommittee meetings are posted on the NCCEH website calendar.
Additional committees are convened during the CoC application process. The Scorecard Committee creates the scorecard that is used to evaluate new and renewal project applications. The Project Review
Committee uses the scorecard to review and score project applications. Both committees are comprised of representatives from the Regional Committees.

Balance of State Governance & Structure Resources

BoS Roles and Responsibilities Explains the structure, purpose, and responsibilites of the BoS and its committees. view pdf
BoS Organizational Chart Displays the organization of the BoS committees. view pdf
Participation Checklist & Due Dates Lists tasks and due dates for all BoS participants. view pdf
Participation Form All participants in the BoS must fill out this form. Regional Leads can download it to share with their committee members or the form may be filled out online.
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